Gunpowder Green Tea 50g - Loose Leaf Tea


Our Gunpowder tea leaves are left to dry as separate leaves and are then rolled into small pellets to make Gunpowder tea which explodes in your cup! Green Tea is different to Black Tea as the oxidation process of Green Tea is stopped through the rapid application of heat after the tea has been picked, then the leaves are either steamed by the Japanese method or dry cooked in hot pans, the traditional Chinese method.  Shipping Fee £0.80p [per tea pack]

Brew Tips

  • Drink without milk. Good as an after-dinner Tea that will aid digestion.


Zhejiang, China

Taste Notes

  • A sharp, bold & lightly smoky tasting Tea.


  • Infuse for 1 to 4 Minutes.
  • Infuse in with freshly boiled filtered water or spring water that has been left to cool.

Wellbeing Benefits

  • Balancing
  • Alertness
  • Harmony

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