Tea infusion & Wellbeing - Tea Benefits

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Did you know that the British population drink over 165 million cups of tea in a single day!

Black Tea Benefits & Benefits of Green Tea

  • Loose Leaf Tea, Indian Tea & Black Tea have many amazing health benefits.   
  • The anti-oxidant effects of tea can reduce colds and flu's and can help fight bacteria.
  • Tea can also help with weight loss, catechins found in tea, help to stop the absorption of sugar and fat into the body and may help to boost metabolism.
  • Tea can also help with concentration and alertness. online tea shop chai tea Stockport Manchester

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Tea Infusion Tips

While infusing is a very simple process, there are a few things you can do to improve the quality of your infusions.

  • Pay attention to the time for your particular infusion. Timing is key to getting just the right flavor out of your teas and tisanes. many teas have different steeping times and you should follow these.
  • One temperature does not fit all teas Different Teas require different temperatures to optimize their flavor. In general, the lighter the tea, the lower the temperature. For instance, green teas like 150-180 F while black teas are best at 200-212 F.
  • Remember, taste is subjective. Just because a certain tea should be brewed for a certain time, it doesn't necessarily mean that this is how you will like it. When you find a tea you enjoy, follow the recommendations, then adjust it to your personal taste. For a stronger brew, use more leaves rather than more time to avoid any bitterness.
  • It's best not to use aluminum pots and vessels for your tea brewing experience. With certain herbs used in tisanes and some tea blends, the metal may react with the tea and create a toxic beverage. To avoid this, don't buy or use aluminum tools for any of your tea!  www.cheekychai.co.uk 

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The Amazing Tea Gardens around the world!


  • Darjeeling, India. ...
  • Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. ...
  • Rize, Turkey. ...
  • Uji, Japan. ...
  • Anhui, Zhejiang and Fujian, China. ...
  • Northern Vietnam. ...
  • Zhushan and Fushoushan, Taiwan. ...
  • Kolukkumalai, Kerala. online tea shop chai tea Stockport Manchester